P-066 : Pullip Merl, Whispering Island

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"The sea breeze that never changes. Delivers mail from a country far away... Feel Like So."
  • Merl wears a beautiful retro Marine-fashioned navy blue dress with white under garments
  • She has a big white hair ribbon with little blue in her long auburn color hair, white and red bows that compliments her sailor outfit
  • Her other accessories include a smaller hair ribbon, choker necklace, decorated white sash and a heart charm
The Story

Mango island is a legendary island that lies far south on the ocean, known for its singing and whispering. Mango island sings and whispers to children... And these songs and whispers cannot be heard once you become an adult. The legendary Mango island can only be visited by children chosen by its kingdom. But... in order to find the Mango island, a magical sailor costume is needed. One year, Merl and Lir also went off to find the legendary Mango island. The two wore magical sailor uniforms designed by the kingdom's best designer... The whispering island model was based on the sailor uniforms worn by these siblings.

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