P-172 : Pullip SDCC 2016 Wonder Woman Dressy ver.

Sale price $110.00 Regular price $155.99
"Wise as Athena, Swifter than Hermes....And Stronger than hercules.....I am an Amazon Warrior....Feel Like So"
  • For 2016 San Diego Comic-con Special Groove brings Wonder Woman dress version!
  • Tailored dress inspired by Wonder Woman’s classic costume including gold lace tiara with red faux-jewel star, red bodice with gold lace breastplate and belt, blue skirt with blue lace ruffles and white imprinted stars, white gloves with gold lace trim, red fishnet stockings and red plastic shoes with white imprinted stripes. Other accessories include drop earrings and gold cord lasso.
  • Officially licensed product of Groove (formerly Jun Planning)

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